Who We Are

In Louisa

June 2011

Young Life begins in Louisa County

For 18 months, caring adults prayed and worked to lay the foundation for Young Life so the unconditional love of Jesus Christ could be brought to every high school kid. ​ On June 1, 2011, that vision became a reality!

August 23, 2011

Earthquake destroys LCHS

The epicenter of a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit Louisa County. ​ Louisa County High School was destroyed and its students attended class in modular units for the next 4 years. ​ Despite the physical and financial challenges, Young Life continued and even thrived in Louisa!


Kids at young life club

Over the last school year, a total of over 500 came to club. They played hilarious games, sang at the top of their lungs, and heard a piece of the most beautiful love story ever told: The Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Kids at camp in 2019

The majority of these students experienced camp for the first time; a place where they laughed, learned, and were loved. Over 25% stood up in front of 100's of other students from around the country and started a relationship with Jesus. This is why it truly is sold as, "the best week of your life"!

Meet Our Adult Ministry Team:

Michelle Forrest

Cheryl Harkrader

Megan Ryan

Dane and Susan Swenson

Rick Teller

Yvette Williamson

Mark Wright

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